New Contract Features

What’s new? Docfield has launched two new features!

1. Legal Numbering

With our new way of Numbering, called ‘Legal Numbering’, you will experience more flexibility in the numbering of your documents. This functionality allows you on one hand to automate legal numbering in every agreement. On the other hand, thanks to this update you can compose your numbering on any level you want: chapters, titles, and paragraphs or clauses. For example, you can choose to continue numbering after a title or start again. With the Legal Numbering feature, Docflow users never have to think about their numbering or struggle with the numbering in Microsoft Word again.

2. Customizable signature

Not every agreement needs to be signed by two signatories. We understand that at Docfield and that is why we have improved our signing feature! With our new customizable signing, we allow our users to determine at the contract level how many signers an agreement has.

This means that from within a contract, users can determine whether two, three, or four people should sign the agreement. Thanks to this improvement it is now also possible – if applicable – to have witnesses co-sign when signing agreements!

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