Improved Collaboration

What’s new? Docfield has launched three improved collaboration features! 

1. Simultaneous Collaboration Improvement


One of the great things about our product at Docfield is the capacity of doing a simultaneous collaboration. So with that in mind, now it’s possible to see who is working on which chapter of the document! We are already working on improvements to this feature, and on our next release, it will be possible to also see in what block of the chapter each person is working on.

2. Improvement on Comments Feature


We are already working on a complete redesign of our comments feature, but we decided to already implement meanwhile this improvement where it’s possible to select a part of the text you want to comment about. To do that, first, select the part of the text you would like to comment on and then click on the comment button.

3. Inform Document Writers of Template Changes


Changes on the template along the year always happen, and we know you would like to keep every Document Writer informed about those changes. For that reason now it’s possible to easily send an e-mail to all document writers when you make changes to the template. That information will also show on the recent activity notifications, so everyone is in the loop.

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