Extended Conditional Logic

What’s new? Docfield has merged two functions!

Conditional Logic Rules

Conditional logic allows users to have specific data from a template appear or not appear in a document. Previously, this logic was set in the template via two different functionalities. Namely by setting rules via (1) ‘Show if’ or (2) ‘Only show at’.

Our team at Docfield recently merged these two routes, after which the ‘Show only if’ functionality was removed from the application. In the process, the rules that existing users had set via the ‘Only show at’ functionality were automatically migrated to the remaining ‘Show if’ functionality. In the new situation, all Conditional Logic rules are set via the ‘Show if’ functionality.

Not only have functions for setting Conditional Logic been merged but the Conditional Logic functionality has been extended as well! Thanks to these extensions it is now also possible to group rules and to set the logic of a template to a group of rules. Because of this, the possibilities of building smart templates with Conditional Logic have become even more extensive!

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