Recent updates and improvements to Docflow.

Apr 25, 2023


Updated Template Comments

When you select a text in a text block, we will keep it highlighted and attach it to the relevant comment. You can easily see which comments are associated with specific text, making it easier to keep track of feedback and collaborate with your team.


Smart Fields in Headings & Frontpage

We're excited to announce that a smart field can now be included in static blocks on a front page and in static heading blocks.

Mar 16, 2023


Smart Fields 2.0

The new and improved smart fields are here! Not only do they look better, but they also make your experience smoother and easier.

  • Set a default value for a smart field in a template;
  • Use formulas to automatically calculate numeric values for smart fields;
  • Document writers will find it a breeze to fill in a smart field - the whole process happens inline, inside a block.

Internal Links 2.0

We have made some amazing improvements to our internal links functionality.

  • When inserting an internal link, you can now customise the text displayed in the document (link name).
  • Besides, it is made possible to keep the link name and the referenced heading always in sync.

Jan 24, 2023


Template History

You can now view the history of changes made in your templates.

To access the template history feature, simply click on the History button in the toolbar when viewing a template. From there, you can view a list of all the versions containing changes to your headings, blocks, and contents.


Appendices in Contracts

We are happy to announce that now you can attach PDFs as appendixes in contracts.

Nov 21, 2022


More control over hidden elements display

This must be familiar to you: The moment the numbering of clauses in a document is off because of the conditional logic you set up in the template. Fortunately, the good news is that you will have more control over it!

Please go to the settings of your template and toggle the ‘Show hidden elements’ property to ‘On’. This will provide your document writers and readers with a clear indication that certain blocks do not appear in the document.


Improved look of the Block history

We are happy to announce that comparing versions in the block history just got an upgrade.

Tables, smart fields, images, links, and other content types now have a much more detailed and refined look.

Nov 7, 2022


No more manually locating missing items before completing a document

Click on the yellow counter in the document navigation bar to see a list of everything that requires action: be it a block or attachment that isn't approved or a smart-field that isn't filled in.

Next, click on an item in the dropdown to go straight to the block that needs to be finalized.

Jul 5, 2022


Conditional Logic Rules

Conditional logic allows users to have specific data from a template appear or not appear in a document. Previously, this logic was set in the template via two different functionalities. Namely by setting rules via (1) ‘Show if’ or (2) ‘Only show at’.

Our team at Docflow recently merged these two routes, after which the ‘Show only if’ functionality was removed from the application. In the process, the rules that existing users had set via the ‘Only show at’ functionality were automatically migrated to the remaining ‘Show if’ functionality. All Conditional Logic rules are set via the ‘Show if’ functionality in the new situation.

Not only have functions for setting Conditional Logic been merged, but the Conditional Logic functionality has also been extended! Thanks to these extensions, it is now also possible to group rules and set a template's logic to a group of rules. Because of this, the possibilities of building smart templates with Conditional Logic have become even more extensive!

Jun 10, 2022


Legal Numbering

With our new way of Numbering, called ‘Legal Numbering’, you will experience more flexibility in the numbering of your documents. This functionality allows you, on the one hand, to automate legal numbering in every agreement. On the other hand, thanks to this update, you can compose your numbering on any level you want: chapters, titles, and paragraphs or clauses. For example, you can choose to continue numbering after a title or start again. With the Legal Numbering feature, Docflow users never have to think about their numbering or struggle with it in Microsoft Word again.


Customizable signature

Not every agreement needs to be signed by two signatories. We understand that at Docflow, which is why we have improved our signing feature! Our new customizable signing allows our users to determine at the contract level how many signers an agreement has.

This means that from within a contract, users can determine whether two, three or four people should sign the agreement. Thanks to this improvement, it is now possible – if applicable – to have witnesses co-sign when signing contracts!