Powerful Templates

Write and design flawless
documents at ease

Create powerful live templates as the foundation of your documents. Update any number of documents effortlessly at the same time with one single click.


Clever Writing

Writing has never been this easy. Insert static and editable blocks, and automatically add information with smart fields and connected data sources using internal and external links.


Smart Fields

Smart fields enable you to forestall unseen edits and errors and improves the speed and quality of the collaboration.

Internal Links

Internal links automatically update and enhance the readability and discoverability of your documents.

Never miss a thing,
stay up to date


Batch Updates

Enjoy the ability to update hundreds of documents at once and the possibility to sign multiple contracts with one click when only editing a linked template.


Co-creators Notified

Automatically notify your co-creators on important template changes to keep all co-creators up to date on the most recent versions of documents.

Document Styling

Perfect alignment across all documents. Add and change colours, logos and more with a preview mode, so you can evaluate the result instantly and align the layout of all your documents.


Frontpage Editor

No more boring frontpages when using our in-house frontpage editor to edit and style the frontpage of all your documents.

Personalised Header

To give a personal and professional touch, you add your logo to the header of the template that syncs with your documents.

Frame 123

Customer Story

HAN created efficient writing processes and now saves hundreds of hours yearly.

Working safely with sensitive data.

The only way we can think of.

At Docfield, security and privacy are our main focus in working, treating data, and developing solutions. We are happy to provide our clients with fast and reliable services.


GDPR compliant


We comply with the regulation of the EU.


Ready to connect with Single-Sign On.


Granular permissions

User roles and access can be defined at any level.


SURF frameworks

Processing agreements convenient for you.


Data sync

Integrate directly with Student Information System.


AWS Platform

Data storage within EU.


Discover more features to boost your document creation process


Good Organisation

Create a customised workflow that is streamlined among all writers and tracks the writing progress of documents.


Optimal Collaboration

Increase compliance and promote effective workflows for co-creation by using different types of data-fields.