Optimal Collaboration

Engage in effective
co-creation workflow

Increase compliance and promote effective workflows for co-creation by using different types of data-fields.


Real-time Versions

Collaborate even faster than at the office. Edit online and view only the latest versions. Your documents are constantly up-to-date with the most recent adjustments.


Simultaneous Collaboration

Effortlessly notify your team know you are editing in a shared document, as your activity is continuously tracked. Find an overview of all active users within one document at the Table of Contents.

Continiously Syncing

Each active document is synced every second at all devices to ensure that everyone is always updated with the most recent version. You never have to hit the save-button again!

Communication & Control


Handy Comments

Mention your co-creators in a comment with any of your remarks or questions. Access previously posted and resolved comments in the comment archive.


Approval Steps

Instantly see and change the progress on previous posted comments, remarks and text contents by using the approval steps for text blocks.

Activity History

Always the possibility to restore. Stay in the loop of any change on every document and retrieve previous versions from a clickable archive that also includes the activity log.


Activity Panel

Unseen edits are a thing of the past as you are continuously updated on the most recent edits in all your documents in the activity panel, personalised for every user role.

Clickable Archive

No more double-checking on unauthorised edits as our clickable version archive allows you to restore older versions of any document you have been working on.


Customer Story

One streamlined environment helped Avans to reduce the number of tools used to create documents.

Working safely with sensitive data.

The only way we can think of.

At Docfield, security and privacy are our main focus in working, treating data, and developing solutions. We are happy to provide our clients with fast and reliable services.


GDPR compliant


We comply with the regulation of the EU.


Ready to connect with Single-Sign On.


Granular permissions

User roles and access can be defined at any level.


SURF frameworks

Processing agreements convenient for you.


Data sync

Integrate directly with Student Information System.


AWS Platform

Data storage within EU.


Discover more features to boost your document creation process


Good Organisation

Create a customised workflow that is streamlined among all writers and tracks the writing progress of documents.


Powerful Templates

Create powerful live templates as the foundation of your documents. Update any number of documents with one click.