New Template Features

What’s new? Docfield has launched two new template features! 

1. Frontpage Editor

Impersonal and generic front pages are a thing of the past! Thanks to our Frontpage Editor, frontpages can now be created and styled separately from the document styles. Use background images and (sub)titles to design a frontpage that suits your organization and represents the content of the document!

2. Conditionional Logic

Creating documents can now be done even more efficiently! Simply by using our newest function: Conditional Logic. This logic allows you to enable specific blocks to (dis)appear in documents. Thanks to this logic, you will never have to deal with endless documents full of redundant information again!

To set up a rule for conditional logic, click on the three dots of the text block you want to hide and then click on “show as”. Rules for the appearance of both fixed and editable text blocks are based on text, dates, numbers, and single-choice smartfields.

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