Good Organisation

Track completion
and signing status

Create a customised workflow that is streamlined among all writers and allows you to track the writing progress of any type of document.


Everybody on the Same Page

Define permissions for every user so you can control responsibilities to edit documents and ensure clarity on roles throughout your entire organisation.


Easy Import

Import any existing documents with text, images and tables directly from previously used tools like Microsoft Word and Sharepoint.

Sharing Flexibility

Re-create your company's structure online by defining personalised user roles based on your team member's responsibilities offline.

No More Lost Documents


Elastic Search

Maintain an overview of all documents with distinctive folders. We make it easy to find the right documents and contents in a split second thanks to our elastic search features.


Version History

No more need to delete versions of documents as you can edit existing documents straight away while retaining access to older versions stored in your archive.

Clear Document Status

Important details at a glance. Supervise your team progress with a dashboard of deadline trackers and keep an eye on the status of important documents and contracts.


Clear Dashboard

A clear dashboard to keep an eye on the most recent progress, current document statuses and hard deadlines for the publication of your documents.

Progress Overview

Track your team's progress by reviewing the current document statuses, progress completion bar and workflow deadlines for the completion of your documents.

A Workflow to Match Any Team


Define Own Rules

Build an online workflow from scratch with any of the approvals steps you used to use in the office to smoothen your team's collaboration and output.


Share Responsibility

Assign team members to specific workflow steps to automatically notify them when documents reach this stage of the workflow.

Frame 123

Customer Story

Comprehensive signing process enabled HAN to easily write, sign and share contracts with hundreds of students.

Working safely with sensitive data.

The only way we can think of.

At Docfield, security and privacy are our main focus in working, treating data, and developing solutions. We are happy to provide our clients with fast and reliable services.


GDPR compliant


We comply with the regulation of the EU.


Ready to connect with Single-Sign On.


Granular permissions

User roles and access can be defined at any level.


SURF frameworks

Processing agreements convenient for you.


Data sync

Integrate directly with Student Information System.


AWS Platform

Data storage within EU.


Discover more features to boost your document creation process


Powerful Templates

Create powerful live templates as the foundation of your documents. Update any number of documents with one click.


Optimal collaboration

Increase compliance and promote effective workflows for co-creation by using different types of data-fields.